CQRS Local Pilot

Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) Local is a web-based portal. It enables providers and commissioners to manage claims for locally driven schemes that reflect local priorities. It streamlines the process of provider claims against Local Enhanced Services and Local Incentive Schemes. Also, it reduces administrative time, and ensures claims are trackable within a secure web-based platform.

Read more about the benefits of CQRS Local for commissioners and providers or find out about arranging a CQRS Local demo.

CQRS Local Pilot with GP Practices

Following a demo of CQRS Local, some Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) who are interested in implementing CQRS Local, prefer to run a short pilot with a select number of GP Practices / PCNs in their area.

The CQRS Local team actively support the running of local pilot schemes with GP practices. A pilot helps commissioners manage the risk of introducing a new system with their providers. It acts as a small-scale, short-term trial to help understand how a full roll-out of CQRS Local would work in practice. Furthermore, it also enables ICBs to receive valuable feedback about the CQRS Local system from their providers.

How to arrange a CQRS Local Pilot

If you are a commissioner and would like to arrange a CQRS Local pilot, please get in touch.

Join the many Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) across England already using CQRS Local to streamline their claims management.