Onboarding for Commissioners

Process of onboarding

Onboarding for Commissioners. Supporting GP Practice teams.
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You will be fully supported from the outset with a series of training sessions to teach you how to use the system and with setting up your schemes and payments. You will be supported for as long as you need this training.

All Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) training will be delivered by eLearning and written material. We provide a range of communication material and engagement events so that you can fully engage with service providers and that they are confident in their use of the system.

Please email: support@cqrs.co.uk to arrange an initial discussion and plan your deployment.

Access to use the system

Smartcard access is not required for the system. You will login using a username and password instead of a smartcard.

Commissioning services

There is no limit to the number of services that you can commission.

CQRS Local allows you to define the services based on your needs, so different services can have different tariffs and be offered to different providers. You can also offer participation only services.

You can configure the system for any provider, subject to normal procurement regulations. The system is intended for use by primary care providers.

As a commissioner, you will have the ability to configure the providers in the system. This flexibility will accommodate future changes to the Local Health Economy. For example, you can configure the system to have a single GP practice as a provider, a Federation, or a Primary Care Network, or extend to new providers.

You do not need to use the same schemes as other commissioners. The introduction of CQRS Local should not have any impact on local commissioning decisions. If your schemes are independent of other commissioners, they can continue to be.

However, the system will allow you to choose to share a scheme with other commissioners.

Ross Hetherington, Primary Care Manager for Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, talks about his recent experience with the CRQS Local System Implementation and Training Lead David O’Brien.

Processing payments

CQRS Local will be using the same payment mechanism as the current CQRS system. This means that once a claim has been ‘approved for payment’ on the system, there will be no manual intervention or manipulation required for payments to be made to GP practices in line with contractual requirements.

Providers can upload evidence of their achievements alongside their claims. This evidence will be the same as submitted through the current claim process.

You do not need to use national tariffs for payments. The commissioning decisions that you make are unaffected by the introduction of this new system. The nature, configuration and tariff for Local Incentive Schemes remains the decision of the commissioner and can be fully configured to meet your local needs.

We have worked with a number of organisations to develop a variety of payment types. The system can process a simple item of service payment but can also take account of population weighting and threshold payments.

If you are unsure that the system will meet the needs of your payment types, please email: support@cqrs.co.uk to let us know.