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Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) Local – Overview

The CSU Collaborative has developed CQRS Local as the go-to web-based portal for providers and commissioners to manage their own localised incentive schemes.

The CSU Collaborative consists of five Commissioning Support Units; Arden & GEM, Midlands and Lancashire, North of England, North East London and South, Central & West. Collectively, they are working together to deliver an efficient and sustainable GP payment system. NHSE/I has commissioned the system.

Additionally, CQRS Local will complement the existing national CQRS system, managed by the CSU Collaborative.

CQRS Local is now live – It launched in April 2021 and you can go onboard to start using the system.

What is CQRS Local?

To clarify, CQRS Local is a claim management system, designed to support the management of Local Enhanced Schemes between commissioners and primary care providers.

Furthermore, CQRS Local provides flexibility in managing Local Incentive Schemes through an online payment tool that leads to prompt payments for primary care organisations.

Aims of CQRS Local

CQRS Local aims to:

  • provide flexible management of Local Incentive Schemes through a payment tool that leads to prompt payments offer providers and commissioners a one-stop shop to claim and manage locally driven schemes, which reflects local priorities make payments without the need for practices to submit invoices following the approval of a claim offer reporting tools to enable ease in monitoring activity reduce the risk of inaccurate claims make it easier for providers to understand payments made, against the activities they are claiming for.