Making Bulk Claims in CQRS Local

Calculating Quality and Reporting Service (CQRS) Local is a free, user-friendly, web-based portal used by commissioners to manage claims from Primary Care Providers for the delivery of Local Incentive Schemes (LISs) and Local Enhanced Services (LESs).

As well as providing a streamlined process for individual provider claims from GP Practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs), the system also supports commissioners who want to process Bulk Claims.

What are Bulk Claims?

Bulk Claims are multiple claims made on behalf of multiple providers. They can be undertaken if the commissioner has access to the service achievement reports within EMIS or SystmOne. Both the commissioner and the service provider should be in full agreement to this being carried out, and steps put in place to provide all the relevant supporting evidence, where requested.

This feature within CQRS Local is not only convenient but saves significant time and resources.

How to undertake Bulk Claims

The CQRS Local system provides an intuitive process for managing Bulk Claims:

  1. Within CQRS Local, Commissioners set up a service with components and specify the claims window.
  2. When the claims window opens, the Commissioner selects the service and its associated components and the Primary Care Providers who have delivered the service.
  3. This action triggers a downloadable template pre-populated with the selected services and providers.
  4. Commissioners insert the achievement data against each service and each provider into the template document and upload to CQRS Local via the Bulk Claims link.
  5. The Bulk Claim undergoes a second Commissioning Review before it is approved.

Bulk Claims can only be made by a Tier 1 Commissioner User on behalf of a service provider, and as per an agreed schedule. A Bulk Claim is approved for payment by a Tier 2 Commissioner User.

Get in touch

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