Digital Transformation

Driving efficiencies through digital transformation

According to NHS England’s Long Term Plan, digital technology has great potential to improve how the NHS delivers its services in a new and modern way, providing faster, safer and more convenient care. (source NHS England Long Term Plan)

Digital transformation is key to ensuring better patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and efficient use of time and resources. Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) Local was developed to provide support in the management of Local Incentive Schemes. It provides flexibility for users managing Local Incentive Schemes through an online payment tool that leads to easier claims management for commissioners and prompt payments for primary care providers.

The CSU Collaborative developed a new system to meet the needs of commissioners and providers across the country – this involved working with an end-user working group to help shape its functionality to provide a one-stop solution for providers and commissioners to claim and manage locally driven schemes.

The initial pilot phase helped to drive efficiencies through the use of CQRS Local, making it a flexible system for all who use it. CQRS Local was launched in 2021. Read more about the benefits of CQRS Local and the experiences of commissioners.

Read about the 2023 programme highlights in our Annual Report.

CQRS Local is hosted on the latest technology. This means that the previous limit on the number of schemes offered can be increased. Read more about the NHS services available on CQRS Local.