New Claim User Interface Launched

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The Calculating Quality and Reporting Service (CQRS) Local is a free of charge, user-friendly, intuitive web-based portal for managing claims by providers such as GP practices and PCNs, for the delivery of Local Incentive Schemes and Local Enhanced Services. CQRS Local streamlines the process of provider claims, reduces administrative time and ensures claims are visible within a secure platform. Read more about the benefits of CQRS Local.

CQRS Local is developed by the CSU Collaborative with input from users across the NHS, including commissioning and contracting leads, GPs, operations managers, and practice managers.

Following feedback from users, CQRS Local launched an improved claim user interface in January 2024. The claim user interface now includes added functionality creating an even more streamlined experience.

Key highlights of the new CQRS Local claim user interface

Some of the key highlights of the upgraded claim user interface include:

  • Single or multi-service claim submissions: Commissioners now have the option of whether to allow multiple service claims to be submitted together. This feature can be switched on or off at any time by a Tier 2 Commissioner.
  • Instant saving: when completing claim details, the changes made are now automatically saved.
  • Supporting attachments: documents can now be attached to components, even when evidence is not required. The CQRS Local system will clearly highlight which are not mandatory.
  • Supplementary information: supplementary information can now be collected from service providers as part of a claim. When creating a service component, a Commissioner can add several questions that must be completed by the provider before they submit a claim. These questions can be configured to collect either numeric, decimal, text, or yes/no answers.

Training for the new CQRS Local claim user interface

A video tutorial with guidance sheet explaining the new interface and features has been produced and is available in the CQRS Local training portal.

Bespoke training is also available if required and reflects the commissioners claim submission choice of multi or single service claim submissions.

Feedback on CQRS Local is welcome and helps the CSU Collaborative to continue to refine and develop the system to meet user needs.

Get in touch

If you’re not already using CQRS Local in your day-to-day practice, then you can request demo by contacting David O’Brien, System Implementation and Training Lead by email: