Onboarding for Primary Care Providers

Process of onboarding for Primary Care providers

As part of onboarding for Primary Care providers, a wide range of Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) Local support is provided. This includes practice specific training via e-Learning modules and regular engagement events to ensure GP practices are fully competent in the use of the system. Training is delivered in group sessions via MS Teams whilst e-Learning and written material will be there for reference.

Accessing the CQRS Local system

Smartcard access is not required. You will login using a username and password. Read more about how to access CQRS Local.

Data submission

Data is submitted via the CQRS Local online portal, in much the same way as national CQRS (QOF) claims.

It is possible to bulk upload data to the system.

Data is not automatically extracted from your clinical system, but we have designed it to make the input process as simple as possible. The collation of data from the clinical system is done in the same way as previously and you are able to enter your attainment figures into the online system manually.

CQRS Local has been designed with service users to aid the flow and easy capture of data.

As part of the ongoing development of the system, we will be working towards a solution that supports automatic extraction.

Processing payments

If your commissioners are using CQRS Local, they will require you to submit your claims via the system to obtain payment.

Payments are made from the commissioner directly to your practice bank account, in the same way as they are for national QOF payments. Payments are processed via PCSE / iSFE

As a provider, you can upload evidence of your achievements alongside your claims. This evidence was the same as submitted through the previous claim process.

Once you have submitted a claim, you can track its progress. This CQRS Local System will show when commissioners have reviewed your claim, when it has been sent for payment and when payment has been made – making it quick and easy to monitor and reconcile payments.

Visibility of claims increases the time efficiency for GP practices.