The APMS Contract

This page explains what the APMS Contract is, and how it links with CQRS.

What is the APMS Contract

Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) is a form of core GP contract. It is a flexible framework allowing for contracts other than with general practice (GP) / Primary Care Networks (PCNs), such as private and third sector organisations. It provides primary care services beyond core general practice services.  [source NHS England].

All contracts are managed by the NHS commissioner, either NHS England or Integrated Care Boards (ICBs).

Other contract arrangements in England include General Medical Services (GMS) and Personal Medical Services (PMS). Most contracts in England are GMS contracts. [source NHS England]

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The APMS Contract and CQRS

The Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) is an approval, reporting and payments system for GP practices / PCNs. It helps practices to track, monitor and declare achievement for the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), DES, and Vaccination and Immunisation (V&I) programmes. [source NHS Digital]. Since 1 November 2020, CQRS has been managed by the NHS Commissioning Support Units.

CQRS National facilitates payments in support of GP contracts like the APMS Contract and CQRS Local facilitates payments in support of Locally Enhanced Schemes (LES) and Local Incentive Schemes (LIS) which supplement core services offered by GP practices to meet local population needs and priorities, which are commissioned by Integrated Care Boards (ICBs).